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DOs And Don’ts For Ice Skating 

Ice skating is fun but can be a dangerous sport as it involves slippery surfaces, sharp blades, and physical contact. Regardless of where they are playing, the game has a lot of potential to injure you. However, that does not mean you should not enjoy ice skating. Taking some safety measures can help reduce the chances of problems. 

If you have never set foot on ice before and this is your first year, perhaps you need these safety rules the most. First of all, get your ice skates from Liquida Sport to ensure they are of good quality. With the right precautions in place, you and your child can enjoy skating without breaking a limb or two. 

Dos and donts for ice skating

  • Do wear layers. 

Even though you can do ice skating in the summer, too, you will need layers depending on how fast you are going to move. Wear layers of warm clothing that are easy to remove or add whenever you feel the need. 

  • Don’t wear ill-fitted skates. 

Wearing ill-fitted skates can do a lot of damage. Not only do they become vulnerable to falls and blisters, but they can also get frostbite on the ice-cold rinks. When you go to buy skates, make sure to try them on with socks so that they are not tight. 

  • Do dress for comfort. 

Ice skating at a high speed can really get your heartbeat going. So, you are going to be feeling hot after a while, even when it is cold. Make sure you wear clothing that you can easily take off and wear. Casual and comfortable clothing makes the perfect choice. Do not opt for jeans or other tight options. 

  • Don’t wear thick socks. 

Many people and online websites recommend people wear warm socks to avoid getting frostbite on the rink. While socks are important, they should not be too tight and thick so as to limit your movement. You won’t be able to enjoy your time there and have balance issues, increasing your chances of falling. 

  • Do fasten your skates properly. 

It is important to find the right size of skates, but it is more important to ensure that they are fastened. Some skates have laces, while others have clips. If you do not like laces, you can get others. When buying, sit and fasten your skates and check if they still feel comfortable. 

  • Do not deviate from the rules. 

Lastly, there are a few ice skating rules that are displayed somewhere around the rink. For a safe experience, make sure to follow them all. This avoids collisions and keeps people uninjured.

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