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Fairplay- the best cricket betting website in India

Fairplay club is the emerging cricket betting site in India introduced in 2020. The introduction of this platform gave complete satisfaction to gambling and betting lovers. Since we are going through a challenging phase of COVID-19, this platform is acing the market by providing a wide range of cricket games at the ease of home. With its services, Fairplay gained popularity among the traditional betting sites. Moreover, Fairplay rules the market with its new and advanced technology and trustable services. Back then, bettors were afraid to place bets and money on such online platforms, as there were threats of online scams and frauds. But, after Fairplay came into existence with its secure and confidential policies, players started to trust their money. However, we will be reviewing Fairplay as the best online betting website in India for Cricket.  So, we will be looking at the following points:

  • How does Cricket betting work on Fairplay?
  • What market odds do players get on Fairplay?
  • What payment schemes for placing a bet on Cricket?
  • How do players get extra benefit from cricket betting on Fairplay?
  • Is Cricket betting legal in India?
  • What support do players get from Fairplay while placing bets?

This review will help to figure out which platform to choose among other betting sites in India.

How does Cricket betting work on Fairplay?

Fairplay provides services in favor of the player’s interest. Moreover, Fairplay offers massive options for sports betting with various games such as Cricket, football, tennis, and many more.  The platform works smoothly for cricket betting, and players get hefty bonuses for using Fairplay. Out of many gaming options, Fairplay focuses mainly on Cricket betting with multiple odds and fancy market options. Moreover, the platform works independently and gives a fair cricket betting platform to players. Being new to the betting world, Fairplay has raised the bar of all other traditional platforms with its thrilling cricket betting experience. Fairplay club offers a wide range in cricket betting, including Indian Premier Leagues and other international leagues. Moreover, the platform provides exciting benefits and exchanges on IPL, thus becoming the best betting IPL site in India.

What market odds do players get on Fairplay?

Fairplay is a new-age cricket betting exchange that quenches your cricket betting thirst. Moreover, the platform offers competitive betting odds along with a broad betting market on Cricket. Fairplay club is a happy place in the IPL season where cricket fans get all the exciting betting options on different teams in the IPL. Moreover, the platform covers other ongoing cricket matches and international leagues. Fairplay club offers real-time betting, real-time winning, live cricket matches, and many more. In addition, players get live streaming of ongoing matches and live scorecards to track their betting performance. Thus, it enhances your winnings. Apart from Indian Cricket, Fairplay covers your interest in different country’s matches by providing exciting betting odds. However, in cricket betting, Fairplay offers match odds and many fancy options.

Match odds:

 Players get to place bets on cricket teams in two different ways. The platform gives options of:

  • Back: Players get the option to place a bet for the team to win. That means players will win the bet if the teams win on which they have staked their money.
  • Lay: Players get the option to place a bet for the team to lose. That means players choose a team that they think will lose and stake their money on it. Moreover, players win the bet once the team loses.

Fancy market options:

Fairplay club offers multiple market options on which players can bet. It gives numerous options, such as players can place bets on wickets, runs, overs, and many more.

  • Wicket fall: Players get a chance to place a bet on wicket fall in a given period. Moreover, players get to brush up on their experience by guessing which wicket falls within the line-up score. Thus, by choosing whether the wicket will fall or not, you may earn money. However, if there is no wicket fall, the bets will get voided.
  • Runs: Players get to bet on the particular batsman score. Fairplay offers an easy way to earn money by guessing the runs batsman will score in the inning.
  • Total runs: Players get to bet on the whole run of the batting team in particular innings. You may get these betting options with the name under Lambi run.
  • Over sessions: Players win by placing a bet on the team’s score at the end of given overs. If players get the correct number of runs in the said number of overs, they win the bet.

What are payment schemes for placing bets on Cricket?

No matter which game you choose, Fairplay offers multiple payment options. Moreover, Fairplay is a betting website in Indian currency that accepts mainly INR. But, for overseas players, it accepts international credit and debit cards. Along with various payment options, the platform has instant deposit and withdrawal options. Thus, Fairplay welcomes:

  • Bank transfer
  • UPI
  • Net Banking
  • Google pay.
  • Phone pe
  • E-wallets such as Atropay and PayPal
  • Bitcoins
  • Ethereum

How do players get extra benefit from cricket betting on Fairplay?

Once players visit the Fairplay for cricket betting and register themselves, they get a straight 100 INR in their wallet. Thus, Fairplay attracts players with hefty bonuses and welcomes cashback. Apart from the free bonus, players can claim 100% cashback on a one-time welcome bonus. Moreover, the platforms engage users with loyalty points, weekly benefits, referral bonuses, and many more.

Is Cricket betting legal in India?

Fairplay is an authorized cricket betting platform and utterly legal under Curacao authority. It is the legal online betting website in India with strict policies. Moreover, the platform has zero tolerance for scams and fraudulent activities. If seen, the platform ceases the account and fortifies the winnings.

What support do players get from Fairplay while placing bets?

Players get 24/7 customer support from Fairplay experts related to any queries. Moreover, Fairplay provides live chats and FAQs to assist with all doubts and problems.

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You can also follow FairPlay (@fairplay_india) on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for exciting contests and other updates!


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