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Make Your Dream Team And Play Your Favorite Tournaments.

Did you dream of having your sports team? Are you still that kid who cannot forget about playing sports? Did your dream get swept away as you grew up?

Nobody knows what we will do as we grow up. All of us thought this was it. This is life, and here we are, stuck in the traffic of lights. However, there is still some inner voice constantly telling you that you need something else. Listen to the inner voice and follow your passion for playing fantasy game. Now you can do it in the comfort of your home or your office, literally from anywhere.

There is a wide range of sports available in the app. Here you can choose the one which you love to play. It has an easy sign-up process. No heavy documentation is required. Nor any significant fill-up information. You can quickly start playing the cricket fantasy tournament when you complete a quick sign-up. These tournaments also allow you to win real money. Isn’t it awesome? When a reward is waiting for you at the end, the experience of winning anything becomes more passionate. And what’s better than actual cash? You can use this money to do anything you want. You could use it to pay your bills or anything.

It’s just not you. You can add your friends as well. You can have private conversations with them while competing with them. We often forget to spend time with our loved ones. And to be honest, it is tough to take some little time out of your busy life and meet each of them at some restaurant and have dinner with them. Things like this help you to bond with your people, whom you will never forget. These tournaments could be a way of telling them you still love them. And spending time with your friends and remembering the old times could be better than this.

Must be thinking how you would play? We got you.

  • Download the game app. You can get it in your app store or google play store.
  • Sign in through that app. Fill in the required information and make your account.
  • Choose the sports you want to play from the list, like cricket, kabaddi, football, and many more.
  • Create your dream team. Bring on your knowledge and information and create the group by choosing real players from the match.
  • Join the available tournaments. If not, then compete with your friends. This tournament is just for you. It is as private as you want.
  • And here the actual game starts, if a player performs well from your team, you score a point.
  • And once you score the maximum points, you win rewards.
  • Remember to create your captain and Vice-captain. Some noteworthy points are waiting for you, captains. Like the other sports here, to captain places a significant role. You get extra points for your captain and vice captains.

Make your team. Enjoy the break you take to form your work. And reconnect with your friends and family.

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