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Why Powerlifters Prefer Sniffing Ammonia Salts Before Their Sessions? 

Powerlifters have a tradition of sniffing ammonia before their performance, and this ritual is believed to give the strength that they require to successfully achieve their goal of lifting the heavyweights of their target. The main goal here is to make the body reach the required levels of adrenaline rush.

Many benefits are listed from following the ritual of smelling salts for lifting, before the performance. You can learn about all of them by visiting the official webpage of My Fitness Resolutions. This blog page offers you complete information on what to expect from your performance after sniffing ammonia.

Smelling Salts

If you look through the standpoint of a chemical world, then sniffing salts that are used before heavyweight lifting is actually an ammonia compound. This compound is made of hydrogen and nitrogen elements and is available in both gas and salt forms. It has an indistinctive smell and can be sniffed easily as it turns to gas when exposed to room temperature.

Why Sniff Ammonia?

Sniffing ammonia has become a common practice in the world of heavyweight lifters, as it drives their body to achieve their goal. After sniffing this salt, ammonia will irritate the lungs and also the nasal linings, which in turn triggers the inhibition of the “inhalation reflex”. This reflex will in turn trigger the body to go into the “fight or flight” mode, which results in the body choosing the fighting mode.

The reflex of the “flight or fight” mode is the body choosing the fighting mode, which makes the pituitary gland trigger the release of adrenaline to maximum levels. With the increase in adrenaline flow in the blood, the body automatically goes into the spiked heart rate mode, and as a result, will make the senses work at their maximum levels. As a result, the weight lifters can easily achieve their goal of reaching the target weightlifting achievement.

All these inhibitions will happen within a few minutes after the inhalation of ammonia, and hence the body will not get enough time to register the result because of all the adrenaline rush.

Benefits of Sniffing Ammonia

A list of some benefits of sniffing ammonia is here for you.

  • Focus and alertness are increased 

After sniffing ammonia, your body will reach a different level on both the psychological and physiological levels.

  • Fainting and lightheadedness can be prevented 

Unlike other options that are available for heavyweight lifters to trigger their adrenaline rush before their matches, ammonia will not come with harmful side effects of fainting and lightheadedness.

  • Aches and pains can be relieved 

All the adrenaline rush after sniffing some protein supplements might make the body of the users feel all kinds of pain and aches that come with their activities. This is not the case with sniffing ammonia salts.

The ultimate goal of workout smelling salts is that the weightlifters can reach their target continuously, without any need of taking a break between their sessions. Hence, the maximum percentage of heavyweight lifters prefer choosing ammonia salts as their adrenaline-causing supplements over all the other available options.

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