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How much can the tennis court repair cost?

Having a tennis court around your property gives you the liberty to go outside and enjoy a game whenever you like. You don’t have to visit a club and wait for a court to get vacant. A lot of folks like the thought of owning a tennis court; therefore, they have installed them near their house. As the tennis courts can last for numerous years, they would ultimately require resurfacing; hence, they carry on looking best.

Over the course of time, you may discover fading of the tennis court colour. Moreover, cracks can build up on the tennis court surface. They can even prove to be unsafe as they can turn into a trip and fall risk.  You would need to check the tennis court condition and then consider resurfacing while there are problems. Let us find outHow Much Does It Cost to Resurface A Tennis Court?

Tennis court resurfacing cost

You might pay somewhere between $4000 and $800 for resurfacing hard courts with concrete, acrylic, and asphalt. As compared to other surface types, acrylic is a bit more long-lasting. Also, it won’t require resurfacing relatively as often.

To remove mold and fungus, you should clean the hard courts at least one time a year.

You can expect a high cost if your tennis court has cracks or drainage problems that require repairing. But, if it is only about fixing some cracks by either filling those with tennis court crack filler or mending them, the cost is very much lower.

Additional costs

  1. Surface cushioning

Since hard courts are usually harder on your body than grass or clay, some individuals choose to introduce some surface cushioning as they choose to do tennis court repair. They do it by adding a few soft rubber particles that can make it comfortable on your joints, mainly your hips and knees.

This may push the tennis court repair cost to $8000.

  1. Cleaning

If the court requires cleaning prior to repairing, it can add up to $1000 to the total cost. Hence, it is always better to look after the tennis court often to avoid additional costs.

  1. Colours and coatings

You can invest in premium colours too if you can. Tournament Orange or Purple are the high-end options, which could add about $500 to the overall cost. In addition, you could add extra colour coatings to make sure that the court lasts a little longer.

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