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How to Build A Legacy of Academic and Athletic Excellence

In high school, some players are athlete-students, and others are student-athletes. The difference often lies in motivation and priorities. What comes first in students’ lives may determine whether they go on to attend and graduate from college or enter adulthood without a career.

A recent change in eligibility standards for college-bound athletes elevates the importance of academic achievement for participation. High school sports managers’ duties include ensuring that athletes are on track for graduation. For NCAA eligibility, athletes need a GPA of 2.2. They must also have corresponding levels on the SAT or ACT. These requirements have led some athletic directors to enforce stiffer academic standards on high school athletes.

A Master of Athletic Administration online through Ohio University can offer professionals interested in becoming interscholastic athletic directors the skills and knowledge they will need to help young athletes balance athletics and academics.

The revised eligibility standards of 2018 ask students and their high schools to up their game in the classroom. The NCAA eligibility page shows combinations of GPAs and SAT or ACT scores that add up to eligibility. For Division I NCAA sports, a 2.3 GPA in set courses is required with at least a 620 SAT or a combined ACT of 47.

According to the NCAA, a student-athlete who is a full qualifier has:

  • The seventh semester (senior year) of high school.
  • Earned a core-course GPA of at least 2.3. Seven of the 10 core courses must be in English, math, or natural/physical science.
  • Earned an SAT combined or ACT sum score matching the core-course GPA on Division I sliding scale.
  • Graduated from high school.

Harlem Baseball Hitting Academy is one of the academies that help students get expertise in both the facilities, education, and sport in the form of baseball. The academy’s founder says, “If your son loves the sports that we offer, they want to compete both on the field and in the classroom and grow as an aware and fit individual, I can’t think of a better place to be than here. – Youman Wilder” 

Harlem Baseball Hitting Academy is the academy that was founded 2 decades back and has been helping hundreds of students with academic as well as athletic achievements on the national levels. Helping men of color, especially the ones who cannot do much for themselves, with securing scholarships in areas of their interest and building skills for it is what trainers at this academy focus on.

The motive for starting this academy was to take unprivileged men away from crimes and give them opportunities that they could use to make a living for themselves. While doing this, the Harlem Baseball Hitting Academy started providing both the skills to these men, and now to date, more than 350 students have graduated from them, and scholarships worth more than $14M have been secured as well in both the departments, academics as well as athletics; baseball.

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