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Napoli Added to the List of Clubs Interested in Cristiano Ronaldo’s Move

One of the local sports news report outlets has recently shared an update regarding Cristiano Ronaldo’s possible move.

According to the latest reports, Napoli is now on the list of clubs that may be potentially adding Cristiano Ronaldo to their squads.

Napoli is a Potential Destination for Ronaldo

The sources claim that Napoli has become a potential club where Cristiano Ronaldo may move before the transfer window ends. 

However, it is to be kept in mind that the transfer window is soon to end by the end of August 31. 

Therefore, the clubs wanting the Portuguese superstar in their squad have to show haste and finalize the deal. The player is eager to make a move to another club. 

If things do not go well, it is possible that Cristiano Ronaldo may leave Manchester United as a free agent.

If Napoli is interested in Cristiano Ronaldo, then the officials have to make a fast move before the transfer window ends. 

Jorge Mendes, Ronaldo’s agent is reportedly in contact with the officials at Napoli to push the deal and make it happen. 

Napoli Wants an Exchange but there is a Catch

The sources claim that Napoli is interested in going for an exchange offer to Manchester United. They want to exchange their player, Victor Osimhen for Cristiano Ronaldo. 

It seems that Jorge Mendes and Napoli are on the same page for Ronaldo’s transfer and the superstar is also onboard.

However, there is one major obstacle that may stop the deal from happening and that is Victor Osimhen. 

Victor Osimhen Wants to Stay at Napoli

Victor Osimhen, who is a 23-year-old Nigerian striker playing for Napoli since 2020, has no intentions of leaving the club. 

Robert Calenda, who is Osihmen’s agent has revealed through Twitter that the player does not want to leave Napoli. 

He has revealed that the player wants to participate in the Champions League with Napoli before he makes a move out of the club.

Calenda has made it clear that his player wants to play in the Champions League instead of participating in the Europa League with Manchester United. 

Calenda’s Tweet

Calenda tweeted that currently, no negotiations or talks have been initiated by the club. He added that Victor Osimhen is a player from Napoli and he wants to keep things that way for the current season. 

He has worked hard alongside the rest of the players at Napoli to qualify for the Champions League. He wants to play with all his might and skills for the club and make his coach and teammates proud with his game.

It seems that the light of hope for Cristiano Ronaldo is dimming for the current transfer season. Although the transfer window is close to its ending, still, there is room for big announcements and shockers involving Ronaldo.

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