NBA 2K21 – New Triple Threat Players

NBA 2K21 – New Triple Threat Players

NBA 2K21 Season 4 is happening right now. It has many new activities, events, and rewards. Triple Threat is one of the most popular seasonal activities. It can be played online and offline and it gives players the chance to acquire new item cards. These are the latest items added to the Tripe Threat rewards collection.

These two items can be obtained from the Triple Threat Offline Vault. We have ’76 Byron Beck. His item card has 95 OVR and the point forward/small forward position. The player is depicted wearing the Denver Nuggets uniform. The stats on the card are 89 outside scoring, 88 athleticism, 87 inside scoring, 70 playmaking, 83 defending, and 92 rebounding. ’69 Terry Dischinger has 96 OVR. This card comes with 90 outside scoring, 92 athleticism, 91 inside scoring, 81 playmaking, 86 defending, and 83 rebounding. The player represents the Detroit Pistons team. His position is small forward/shooting guard. Two new cards are now part of the Triple Threat Online Tier 3 rewards. The ’85 Terry Cummings card has the power forward/center position. The OVR of the card is 95 and its stats are 87 outside scoring, 84 athleticism, 91 inside scoring, 66 playmaking, 76 defending, and 78 rebounding. The player wears the Milwaukee Bucks uniform. The second card added in this update is Jack Marin. He is a player from the Washington Wizards. The ’71 Jack Marin card has 96 OVR and the small forward/shooting guard position. The attributes are 93 outside scoring, 90 athleticism, 70 inside scoring, 81 playmaking, 84 defending, and 76 rebounding.

Don’t forget to check out the new Spotlight Challenges. The objective is to complete 10 Triple Threat and five vs five challenges. You will relieve notable moments from Northwest Division games. The reward is ’09 Wally Szczerbiak. This player represents the Minnesota Timberwolves. The OVR of the card is 90 and the stats are 93 outside scoring, 86 athleticism, 64 inside scoring, 69 playmaking, 77 defending, and 61 rebounding. The position of the card is small forward/shooting guard. There’s also a Throwback Moments: Northwest collection for you to acquire. It includes five premium cards and a reward item for completing the entire collection. Use the THROWBACK-PD-JOHN-STOCKTON locker code and you will obtain a Throwback Moments: Northwest pack for free. You can also opt for a gold consumables pack or tokens.

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