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Psychologically, Goalkeeping is by far the most Demanding Position on the Soccer Field.

Goalkeeping requires incredible mental strength and a very strong mindset that the vast majority of other soccer players don’t have. Only the most resolute individuals are cut to be Goalkeepers.

What mentality must Players adopt in order to be a successful Goalkeeper?

A solid Goalkeeper is him/her that does their job with absolute consistency, at every game, with as many few mistakes as possible.

Success in goalkeeping is not defined by flying around in goal by stealing the show. If anything, it should be the focus of public attention that see’s how you control your defense and protect the goal.

Goalkeepers must remain humble and fully comprehend that glory may not come from a great performance but will only come in the form of clean sheets, a game changing penalty save, or those spectacular match-winning saves. That is why only a small minority will fully commit to Goalkeeping for the long-haul.

Making some mistakes here and there is part of being a Goalkeeper. Even the best and well paid keepers around the world, with the best line-of-four in front of them, do make mistakes

As a keeper you can only learn from both good and bad moments during the game in order to maximize all of your goalkeeping going forward.

So if you’re having a hard time just keep on pushing. If you’re too easily put off by mistakes, I hate to say it but you’ll never become a long term and quality goalkeeper.

Handle pressure, handle criticism, listen and learn!

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