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3 Effective Tips To Become a Better Boxer

Maybe for some time now you’ve been putting in hours and hours in the boxing gym, and while you’ve gotten the basics and fundamentals down, you’ve become a really good boxer as well. But a fine line remains between decent boxers and great boxers in this martial art. You will have to make some changes to your game if it’s a line you’re trying to cross. 

Since the early days of man, kickboxing or boxing, as a sport, has been around.’ The Sweet Science’ has been practiced through the ages. In exchange, techniques and tactics were improved during that time. When studying in this discipline, the amount of information to be had is unfathomable, and there is a lot of ground to cover. 

The amount of knowledge to be given while studying in this discipline is 

It’s incomprehensible, and there’s a lot of ground to cover. There are some facets of your game you can work on if you’re trying to up your game and become a better boxer. Even as a novice, these are aspects that, once you gain more experience, will make a big difference down the road if done in the early stages of training.

Today, we will share some tips to help you go from good to great in boxing.


1) Technique first, not power 

The knockouts will come, but your primary focus should be tightening up your technique, particularly as a novice in this sport. You ensure that you optimize the capacity behind and punch by using a sound technique. 

Every martial artist will tell you that you can always improve on some area of your game. Whether it’s getting your punches shorter or selling your feints better, as a boxer, technique is the most important thing you can improve.



2)Pick your spots 

For the heck of it, don’t just throw your variations, make sure every move that you make serves a reason. There should be no wasted motions in boxing. There should be sense behind every action you take, every punch you throw. Try to pick your spots better in this instance. 

Check for gaps during battles that could be exposed. 

Use your jab to keep your rivals continuously engaged, then strike when they let their guard down with your power shots. Advanced boxers are also fond of using feints, which is a tremendous technique that does not take a lot of energy, but is very efficient in creating openings.

3) Try to avoid getting hit

Drian Francisco, the WBA Boxing World Champion, teaches a boxing class in Singapore at Evolve MMA (Far East Square). 

Hitting and not getting hit is the name of the game. Too often, this very simple principle is overlooked by inexperienced boxers. Protection is a huge part of boxing, and this is something many boxers, especially beginners, seem to forget. 

In addition, you don’t want to be disciplined too much, nor do you want to be struck too much in the back. Every punch you absorb takes your vitality and endurance away, and over the course of a bout, it slows you down.




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