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Form and Technique for Dinking

Pickleball players must improve their skills at dinking to be successful on the court. Good dinking is all about grip pressure, form, and contact point.

Use a low- to medium-pressure grip and keep your feet parallel to non-volleyline. As the ball could drop in front of your feet, you don’t want too much distance.

You should also make contact with the ball directly in front of you. To avoid the ball from coming towards your sides, move your feet parallel to that line. To keep your torso pointed in the right direction, you may have to move your feet. You may lose the feeling of the dink if you are unable to feel it.

Also, you’ll need to improve your backswing and shape of your doink. Pickleballers who have played other racquet sports are often easily converted. This can lead to slow backswings and slower deceleration when striking the ball. Pickleball requires that you have very little or no backswing while dinking. You should keep your paddle in front of you and accelerate towards the ball. This should be a simple, short swing.

Dollard states, “You should be capable of hitting your dink 100 times with the exact same repeatable motion.”

After a bit of practice, you will be able to master your technique and unleash your skills on the local pickleball court.

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