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Slowpitch vs. Fastpitch: What Is the Difference?


When they hear the term “softball” that played with large yellow balls on the looping pitches, most people connect with women. But there is no end to softball; there are many more to explore. It is a game that both men and women can play on Slowpitch and Fastpitch. But it all depends upon you. It is a glorious game that adults can play as kids. You might have some inspiration for the games, but you did not know the difference between Slowpitch and fastpitch because most people are confused about both.

Slowpitch Softball bats are different from the fastpitch softball bats.

This article will tell you about the significant differences between Slowpitch and fastpitch. Keep reading this ultimate guide to understanding this fantastic and unique sport deeply.

 Slowpitch vs. Fastpitch: What Is the Difference?

Slowpitch and fastpitch have some elements that make them different from each other. There are the following significant differences in them.

  1. Pitch

Pitch is the most critical factor in the comparison of Slowpitch and fastpitch. Fastpitch is a type of pitch that is used in most competitive matches of softball. Most of the college and school softball pitches are fast pitch. The Slowpitch found in the matches men and women with softball. There are competitive edges in slower balls, but they are on a slower scale. Slowpitch is a half windmill pitch with half rotation and slowpitch mechanics. The ball is thrown from an arc that lies between 6-12 feet. Fastpitch is a full-windmill pitch with complete rotation at 360 degrees and uses Slowpitch mechanics. There is no arc while throwing the ball; it should be straight at the speed of 360mph.

  • Players

Another big difference between Slowpitch and fastpitch is the number of players in the ground for fielding. There are nine fielders, one catcher, four in and three outfielders, and one pitcher in fastpitch. But on a Slowpitch, the numbers of players are 10. So the additional player will be placed in outfielders that sum up by making 4. The reason for the additional fielder is that the ball is slow, so due to the arc ball fly to the outfielders.

  • Pitch Distance

The difference between the home plate and pitcher mound is also different in Slowpitch and fastpitch. In fastpitch, the distance is from 35 to 43 feet. The exact distance depends upon the ages of the fielders. On the other hand, on a slower pitch, the distance is 50 feet. The reason behinds more distance in Slowpitch is because of the arc and safety issues.

  • Catching pieces of equipment

When the players are on slowpitch softball, the catcher needs only the face mask. And no need to squat in the catching position every time between matches. Some of the slower pitches allow the experienced catchers to play without a mask, while others ask for additional protection. But when it comes to fastpitch softball, the catchers have to wear all the protective gear like shin guards, chest pads, and mask on the face.

  • Innings

The innings in both the Slowpitch and fastpitch are also different. There are seven innings in slowpitch softball, whereas in fastpitch softball, there are nine innings. The difference is due to the pace of play Slowpitch allows relaxed innings. That is why these are few. And the fast pitch softball is hard to hit. That is why there are more innings in it.

  • Bunting

There is no bunting in Slowpitch because the pace of the ball is slower than giving the high end to the batter for smashing the ball. So it will not be safe to allow the fielder to be close to the batter. But in fastpitch, you have the permission of bunting. It is a potent weapon of the players on the fast pitch softball.

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