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Top 5 UEFA European Championship Goals

The game of football has been around for many centuries and has evolved as a sport that people worldwide loved to play and watch. It may have different names from centuries ago, such as Tchatali, Cuju, and Kemari from Mexico, China, and Japan. Families and friends love to watch together and place bets on who will win the championship, and with the UEFA EURO 2020 just around the corner, let us look back and see these top 5 championship goals in its history.

Frank De Boer Vs. France (2000)

A former footballer who is now the Netherlands National Team head coach is Frank De Boer. He led his teammates back in the UEFA Euro 2000 with a free-kick from 40 years, surprising the opposing team’s goalkeeper.

Ajax is where he spent most of his professional playing career and won numerous awards. De Boer is also known as the second most-capped outfield player in the history of the Netherlands National Team.

Maniche Vs. Netherlands (2004)

By unleashing a fiery strike in the UEFA cup in 2004, Nuno Ricardo de Oliveira Ribeiro took his team to victory against the Netherlands. Portugal took the lead when Maniche, seeing how the opponent was not on defense mode, kicked the ball towards the goal passing the hands of the Netherlands goalie Ewin van der Sar.

Wesley Sneijder Vs. France (2008)

Though already retired, Sneijder was known as one of the three best midfielders in the world according to FIFA in 2010, and back in 2008, Sneijder secured Netherlands’ win by taking the ball outside of his box slammed it past the goalkeeper of France.

Mario Balotelli Vs. Republic of Ireland (2012) 

In 2012, Italy stood victorious against the Republic of Ireland through Balotelli when the scissor kicked the ball towards the goal despite the excellent resistance of defender John O’Shea.

Cristiano Ronaldo Vs. Hungary (2016)

This world-renowned footballer, Ronaldo, made one of his most prominent goals back in 2016 when they battled out a draw against Hungary. This creative footballer pulled off a shot despite being trapped into a tight angle that surprised the goalkeeper with his backheel goal that brought them back in the game.

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