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Escape Rooms are one of the most immersive entertainment venues. They are fun, intellectually challenging and transport the players to an alternate reality.

Escape Rooms require the usage of essential skills such as team-work, communication and out-of-the-box thinking. The enthralling themes of escape rooms engross the players in a world so different from mundane reality, which is why the popularity of escape rooms has increased so rapidly.

Choosing an escape room from the plethora of options available can be time-consuming. Here, we have compiled a list of the escape rooms Palm Springs in four cities: Boston, California, Denver and Miami. 

Premier escape rooms in Boston

Budapest Express (Escapology)

You’re a detective onboard the famous Budapest Express. sir Clarence Hayden has been murdered on the moving train! The killer is still on board, and you are the killer’s next target. 

You have narrowed down your list of suspects to five people who were in the vicinity when the murder took place. You have an hour to identify the criminal before you become the next victim. 

Best escape rooms in California

Baker Street Mystery (Escape Games at the River)

The notorious gang, Baker Street Five, has been terrorizing Victorian London.

Your mission is to observe your surroundings, find the clues, and identify the dangerous gang members so that they can be permanently dismantled. 

That’s not all; you also have to solve a murder mystery while you’re at it!

Amazing escape rooms in Denver

The Experiment (Room 5280)

Professor Chladni has gone missing under suspicious circumstances. He had been working on some undisclosed experiments at the time of his disappearance. 

You’ve set out to investigate the lab where he works to see if you can find any clues that will aid you in finding your good friend, the Professor. 

However, the door closes behind you, and you’re trapped in the facility. The only way to successfully find a way out is by working out the motive behind his unknown experiments.

Jurassic Escape (Escape Room Denver)

The Evil Corporation has perfected the method to clone genetically weapon zed dinosaurs! The sinister organization is determined to create armies of these monstrous dinosaurs. 

Your mission is to infiltrate their operation, find the dinosaur DNA and then permanently destroy it!

 You’ve got sixty minutes to workout them yesteryear and avert the catastrophe before it’s tool a tend the prehistoric predators run over the city!

Top escape rooms in Miami 

Escape Your Nightmares (Nexus Escape Rooms)

Nightmares have been giving you sleepless nights for quite a while now. You wake up with genuine cuts and bruises, and every night you become more petrified.

You are fighting to stay awake, but you’re in your bedroom. You think that maybe things will be fine now. But you are so, so wrong. 

All your fears have come out crawling out of darkness, and you must face them on your own! You have sixty minutes to escape the terrifying havoc and free yourself.

The President’s Bunker (The Great Escape Room Miami)

You and your friends get invited in for an exclusive private tour of the White House. You readily agree and follow the security personnel into the president’s residence. 

The security personnel show you a very special room, a secure bunker in the White House’s basement.

While you are in the bunker, the room goes into a lockdown state due to an incoming nuclear attack threat! 

You and your team members are the only people who have access to the missile system. Your team has sixty minutes to save millions of people from an approaching nuclear catastrophe. Looking for an escape room experience in Boston? Get top Escape room Boston included all kinds of experiences in our list, from horror and fantasy themed to family-friendly.

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