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Do you know all the rules for playing football like a pro?

The football is a sport of English origin of the nineteenth century. It can be practiced both in open and closed courts and, although it is more practiced by men, it is also practiced by women. Football is a very common modality in many international events, such as the Olympic Games and the Pan American Games. In addition, there are many football tournaments around the world, some of the main ones being the FIFA World Cup, the Euro Cup or European Football Championship, etc.. It is played by two teams, each with 11 players.

Know all the rules of football

The object used is a ball and the main objective of the sport is to score points, which consists of making the ball go through the opposing goalpost. FIFA is responsible for organizing and supervising events, as well as regulating and maintaining the rules of the sport.

The soccer field

  • Penal arch: Bounded by a half circle. It determines the distance that players not involved in penalties must remain during the free kick.
  • Goal area: Also known as a small area. It determines the limits for the collection of goal shots and indirect free kicks.
  • Penal area: Also known as large area. Determines the space in which the goalkeeper is allowed to use his hands to defend the ball.
  • Lateral Line: Delimits the space of the field. If the ball crosses that line, the foul must be called and the touch-up must be taken.
  • Goal Line: Also known as the bottom line. When passed without passing the goal, the foul is called and the corner kick or goal kick is taken.
  • Central Circle: Delimits the space of the ball’s initial touch.
  • Central Point: It is a mark where the ball must be to receive the first touch.
  • Midfield line: Divides the field in half, delimiting the areas of each team.
  • Penalty shot: Determines the distance for taking penalties.

The rules of football

Each match is 90 minutes long and divided into two halves of 45 minutes each. The game is supervised by a referee. The use of hands for handling the ball is prohibited. The winner of the match is the one who manages to score the most goals. In the event of a tie, two 15-minute extensions can be made at the end of the times. When a player commits fouls, he can receive a yellow card or a red card. If he receives two yellow cards or a red card in a match, he is expelled from the game. In case a player executes any physical aggression on an opponent, the judge must score a penalty in favor of the opposing team. When the ball leaves the field through the end line, a corner kick is taken if the last player to touch it was on the defensive position, and a goal kick is taken if the last player to touch it was in the attack.

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