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Goal Scoring Options For the Players

Scoring goals is perhaps the most beautiful part of football. That is why the forward position is one of the most sought after positions in football. If you do well as a striker, you can often get into scoring position. And if you also score it is completely top. Or that you give a wonderful assist. Because an attacker can of course also function well as a declarant. In this post there are tips for strikers and forwards.

Talent and training

There is a lot involved if you want all that. Talent and scoring instinct are of course important. But as an attacker you can also teach yourself a lot of skills. That’s the beauty of football. You can improve yourself quickly by training well and smartly.

We give you a number of tips to get you started. Get started to become a better attacker. Because talent alone is not enough if you really want to improve. Scoring instinct is also referred to as tor instinct. With correct score tips the options are open now. offer this service with success since its inception and help the football lovers to become successful punters. With their sure shot betting tips, analysis daily results they help the betting lovers to make the most of it without any hassle.

Work on your kicking technique

If you want to score, you have to be able to shoot the ball in the right place in the goal. It’s that simple. A good shot is therefore the first weapon of an attacker whether you are on the flanks or central. If you can rely on your shot, you will play better right away. It gives you more confidence.

  • The recipe for good kicking technique is train, train and train again. Only by shooting a lot will your kicking technique improve. Players with a phenomenal kicking technique like Ronald Koeman have trained on this for years.
  • YouTube is completely full of videos about training pedaling technique about shooting with the instep or with the inside foot. Many of these videos focus on shooting from a standstill. Like the master class below by David Beckham about the long shot.

In addition to shooting from a standstill, it is advisable to train on the shot from the barrel. Because how often does it happen that you can calmly moor for a shot from a standstill in a match. An attacker will often have to be able to shoot from the barrel.

Improve your touch

As a striker, it is important that you can accept a ball well under pressure from an opponent. Because you (if all goes well) often play in half of the opponent, you usually have an opponent’s defender ‘in your back’.

How can you improve your touch ‘under pressure’?

Work on your basic general technique. The video “Soccer Drills to Improve Touch, Ball Control, and And Footwork” is an example of training basic technique.

Making yourself ‘broad’

If you make yourself wide in the duels, you are better able to shield the ball. It is then more difficult for the opponent to get to the ball. You make yourself wide by extending your arms next to your body. A referee will not see this as a violation, as long as you are not going to run, pull and hang on your opponent. An additional advantage of making it broad is that you are better able to maintain your balance.

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