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Essential soccer equipment you must have

Soccer is a team sport that is played in almost every country in the world. As you begin it, you might just need a ball and no other equipment to enjoy it at its full. When a player decides to play this game professionally, the need for equipment is as important as playing it with dedication. Hence, here is the list of some essential soccer equipment that you must have while playing it on a professional level:


Cleats are also known as soccer boots or soccer shoes and are considered the most important piece of equipment needed to play this game. The moment you decide to play soccer professionally, the first thing that must come into your mind is buying a pair of soccer shoes. They are designed in a way that they perfectly fit in your feet and allow you to maintain perfect contact with the ground and with the ball.

Shin Guards

Soccer is a sport that involves quite swift movements and fierce tackles. As you start playing it professionally, it is pretty normal that the game might get aggressive. You’ll receive most of the tackles on your ankles and some kicks on your shin. A guard protects your shin and you can continue the game without getting injured.

Soccer Ball

Seems quite obvious, it is impossible to play a game of soccer without a ball. It is very important to buy a ball first but you have to buy the right size of a soccer ball too. A soccer ball is available in sizes ranging from 1 to 5. For children under the age of 8 years, a size 3 ball is recommended, for above 8 and below 12, size 4 is recommended, and a size 5 soccer ball is for players above 12 years of age.  


An option for professionals, a uniform is issued by the team in which you play. Whether you’re playing the game organized in your city or at an international level, a soccer uniform that consists of soccer jerseys, shorts, socks, and some other accessories. First, you have to get the uniform then there are practice clothing items. While purchasing shorts, make sure that they’re not too baggy like a classic jersey component or too short like running shorts. 

Gear Bag

A gear bag is used to keep personal items like a deodorant and water bottle. A gear bag depending on its size can also include soccer equipment that you have to carry with you with essential spare balls, a pump, soccer turf shoes, or any other item that you might need before or after the game.

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