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Why You Should Upgrade to Aikido Bokken

Aikido is among the most famous and pursued martial arts today in Australia. It originates in Japan with a unique, comprehensive system. Many people are pretty accustomed and often presume that Aikido is as simple as throwing, striking, joint-locking and pinning. In truth, that isn’t the whole case.

Traditionally, Aikido also practices using Japanese weapons like staff, swords, and knives. It is Aikido Bokken. If you’re already interested in Aikido, you’ll surely want to upgrade to Aikido Bokken. Here are the reasons why below.


Suppose you want to enhance your skills in Aikido. In that case, you should upgrade to Aikido Bokken, as these are the most crucial tool you need for practising and skill improvements. You can learn how to properly handle any sword, knife, staff or device when you’re in training.

One of the basic principles in Aikido is respecting your Bokken. You must master to see that it isn’t only a piece of wood or tool for training. Your mindset and practice should be considered a sharp-edged sword. It is an extension of your body.

Respecting the Bokken teaches you to become more aware of your movement. You become certain and sharpen your mind, body movement, and techniques with this.


It’s easy to assume that holding a knife, sword or any tool is alright if you have a good grip. But that isn’t 100% true.

You’d learn to hold it lightly yet efficiently by upgrading your practices with Aikido Bokken. You’ll have the Bokken in your hand with the right amount of tightness that won’t make it slip. You’d be trained to use your front hand for support and backhand for doing most of the work and where you’d extend your ki.

You’ll attain steadiness. Your opponent won’t be able to deflect or slap the Bokken away from your grip.

A Ready and Sturdy Position

By taking an additional step to Aikido Bokken, you’ll achieve a ready and sturdy position wherein you extend your ki through your Bokken’s point. Even when your opponent attempts to slap the blade away from your hand, they’ll find it extremely difficult to make it budge. You’ll still be in place to proceed with your attack.

You’ll become more prepared to face various adversaries. You’ll keep the forward feeling and search for openings to ensure your victory. Also, you become attentive to your strengths and weaknesses in terms of your energy.

Your opponents’ breathing and even yours can allow you to need to strike. It improves your capacity to see things clearly with the most subtle changes, and you’re ready for it.


With Aikido Bokken, you learn how to cut. The cut isn’t like simply cutting through the air. Here, you’ll acquire the knowledge of cutting without forcing but balancing and attaining a robust, stable, and fluid cutting movement. Meaning it develops your actions to their sharpest and 100% precision.

Bokken can help you develop not only your physical capabilities. In fact, it sharpens your psychological capacities further, which you can benefit from whether in training or outside the class. 

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